Advanced and primitive weapons.

There is no point in having an advanced military and advanced or smart weapons such as laser-guided bombs (LGB) and nuclear warheads etc if you cannot even effectively deal with race, that is if you cannot effectively deal with immigration and minorities etc and prevent certain people from entering your country. Third world immigrants and Muslims will conquer America “from within”, that is through exploiting their weakness when it comes to race, that is they will simply conquer America through immigration. For example, the Romans are much happier and infinitely better off with a primitive military and primitive weapons such as the gladius, catapults and ballistas etc, because more importantly they can quickly and effectively deal with race, that is they can discriminate on grounds of ethnicity or religion and prevent certain people from entering their territory. The Romans would never swap their primitive weapons and technologies for advanced weapons and technologies, if it meant they can no longer discriminate on grounds of race. Similarly, for example, 15th to 19th century Europeans etc are infinitely happier with and much better off with primitive militaries and primitive weapons, such as swords, muskets and cannons etc, because it means they can effectively deal with race, that is they can discriminate on grounds of ethnicity and religion to prevent people from entering their territory. They would never swap! Therefore, Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) are an inefficient waste of ‘time’, ‘energy’ and ‘money’ without efficient laws or philosophy such as this essay tries to suggest. In other words the pen is mightier than the sword. Advanced weapons and military technologies are ineffective and inefficient without a piece of paper, such as the efficient laws or philosophy attempted to bring about in this essay. The most advanced aircraft carrier in the world is less important than a document. You might as well tickle Muslims with a feather. Therefore, we should devote all our ‘time’, ‘energy’ and ‘money’ into researching laws and philosophy on how to effectively battle race. Unless you are Marcus Licinius Crassus, no single person can purchase or create an advanced military, but one person can write an essay. Who would not want to save or do something beneficial for their own people? For example, if someone professional were to write an expert book on primitive relativity and primitive innocence, and if it changed the world for the betterment of white people, (something like The Communist Manifesto), imagine how brave and heroic that person would be in the afterlife? Conversely, you can be like mainstream politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson and go out like anti racist cowards and traitors to your own country and people. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Roman gladius.


Consider compassion, how can Australopithecus or Lower Palaeolithic man be compassionate toward animals, when they themselves were not yet masters of the animal kingdom or even worse still prey themselves? It is impossible, compassion simply did not exist. Compassion is technical, in that you must, for instance, first attain advanced weapons, technologies and infrastructure such as gunpowder, muskets, rifles, nuclear weapons, automobiles, militaries, police, emergency services, roads, buildings, bridges and skyscrapers etc before you can be compassionate toward animals. It is not a case of hey compassion for compassion’s sake like the Buddha. Compassion is not free of charge, it is a definite and tangible deal or bargain. Only now that I am invincibly safe and secure from wild animals in my city, town or fortress and surrounded by guns, and now that I have an overabundance and surplus of food, energy and resources etc can or will I be compassionate toward animals. It is like saying to ‘bear’ “I have a nuke now, therefore I am compassionate toward you.” This is something bear will never understand, in that it is ironic that once you attain nuclear weapons that you are therefore by definition compassionate toward animals. To reiterate, compassion is something technical, it is only attained through a collective effort, through taming the wild and through civilisation. You can only be compassionate once there is no competition.

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